The First Step

I wish I could tell you that I am so full of content as I write this blog ,but I’m not ,my thoughts are scrambled and I’m really anxious about a lot of things you know .All I know is that I have got this thing weighing heavily on my heart that I know I need to get it out ,truth to be said I don’t know whether its words or emotions.

But that’s the thing about words and emotions ,they are so intertwined that you don’t know where one begins and where one ends ,I mean there is not enough words that can be used to express the depth of emotions and there is not enough emotions that can be used to understand words.

Am sorry am not using this post to address a serious issue ,but for today and for my first blog post, I just wanted to be selfish and do something for my sanity , and no am not depressed ,its just that today my soul is weighing heavily on me.

The truth is ,I’m unsure of this step in my life ,all I know is that I needed to take this first step, and one thing about first steps is that they are never easy ,all you’ve got to do is keep climbing and never face the facts under any circumstances.

I wrote my way out


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